"Be resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount every difficulty to win victory." ― Frandar Hunding

We believe that a guild should be more than just a tool for solo players to find a group or a place to sell your atherial dust. With so many guilds to choose from, why spend one of your precious guild slots on another social group of semi-active players and empty chats? At The Cult Of Anui-El we strive to find players of all levels and experience who enjoy the social aspect of the game, from chatting in our multi-functional discord channel to getting together for a veteran trial, and everything in between, You can check out our beautifully decorated guild hall, take advantage of the attunable crafting stations and meet up with fellow members. Stop by the guild store to see who’s selling that atherial dust, or sell a couple tempers. Taking your talents to Cyrodiil? give a shout in guild chat and team up to expand the reach of your alliance or create a super group in battlegrounds. Put in a request for some gear and one of our master crafters will get you battle ready before you can say “arrow-to-the-knee” Like free stuff? We consistently have raffles, giveaways, competitions and auctions exclusive to our members. We also Offer a donation based trader! No fees, but member donations will determine where and if we have a trader location for the week. Join and start taking advantage of our many incentives today!

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