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This weeks trader

this weeks trader is Panersewen in auridon! Remember to donate to help us get better locations and ensure we always have a trader!

Guild Events

50/50 Raffle

WIN 250K! Send 5k to BRICKnoble with the subject "raffle". Enter as many times as you want. Winner will be drawn once all tickets are sold.

World Boss/Dolemn group

Thursdays @ 10pm EST. Hosted by: Honorablechip -- weekly group to hunt down that gear or jewlery. Details on calendar page!

Achievement Hunter Anonymous

weekly group to hunt down Those achievements. Details on calendar page! (looking for host)

Crafters Market

A monthly swap-meet and crafting competition. Details on calendar page! (looking for host)

PVE Event

A weekly dungeon crawl!

PVP Event

Weekly battlegrounds and Cyrodiil groups! (looking for host)

Normal Trials group

Fridays @ 8pm EST. Hosted by: goddesskatra -- weekly group for normal trials. let us know your roles!

Veteran Trials group

weekly group veteran trials. let us know your roles! (looking for host)

Open House Competiton

1st Wednesday of every month. Hosted by: goddesskatra -- Prizes awarded to the 3 best decorated homes in the guild. Set your primary residence to the home you would like judged and allow guild access.

New Year, New Goals

we would like to emphasize guild participation, join in on chat/discord server and get involved in the events. Recruitment is key to get us to the next level, Keep an eye out for recruitment promotions to win some great prizes!

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